Satellite Equipment & Services

VSAT Satellite Equipment & Services

Communication is a crucial part of any effective emergency or disaster response. Since terrestrial infrastructure is often unusable or destroyed, many emergency responders and government agencies now rely on satellite as a primary path for emergency communication. As technology continues to advance, satcom capabilities that were once out of reach and over budget are now exceedingly common for all levels of government.

For more than a decade, Comlabs has provided VSAT equipment and services for all levels of government. From specialized nationwide networks to county emergency response vehicles, we realize that the budgets and requirements of our customers vary greatly. So, we offer a wide selection of equipment and service options. From off the shelf systems to custom projects, we can provide the right technology for your mission.

Comlabs Network

Satellite Teleports

  • Uplinks in Melbourne, FL and Owl’s Head, Maine
  • Dual iDirect Government Technologies (iGT) Series 15100 5IF satellite hubs owned and operated by Comlabs
  • 24/7 Network Management Center
  • Maximum redundancy 1,250 miles separation for regional disaster backup requirements

Evolution Series Hubs

  • State of the art technology using the new iDirect Evolution platform
  • Dual-mode operation DVB-S2/ACM or TDMA
  • Supports DVB-S2 TRANSEC for improved security
  • Supports star, mesh and SCPC topologies
  • Automatic end-to-end uplink power control

VoIP Hosting

  • Full line of VoIP equipment and voice hosting services
  • Satellite network optimized for voice with advanced QoS
  • Competitive rate plans with unlimited calling and free long distance in contiguous US

Satellite Equipment and Services

Comlabs offers equipment packages for both fixed and mobile satellite requirements. Satellite packages can also be bundled with network, VoIP, and Radio equipment to provide turn-key systems. Since we own and operate our teleports, we are able to offer several flexible bandwidth packages specifically designed to support your mission requirements. Our installations are managed by our Melbourne logistics staff, and our installers are some of the best in the industry.

Satellite Coverage

Nationwide coverage including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

Let us find a DATA plan that works for your unique needs.

For details Call 321-701-9100

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