EMnet Forms are a great way for users to collect and distribute commonly used documents and data. Daily Updates, Situation Reports, Resource Requests, Incident Status Reports, and Damage Assessments are just a few examples of documents that are commonly distributed via EMnet. In many instances, users collect data, enter it into one application, save or copy it, and then transfer it to EMnet for distribution. Built in forms allow users to enter this data directly into EMnet, providing a convenient and efficient method to greatly streamline their process.


  • Eliminate the need for scanning and/or faxing
  • Reduce input time by storing common fields and data elements
  • Improve accuracy with automatic error checking and smart elements that change available fields based on user inputs
  • Minimize risk with assured delivery, status tracking, and automatic routing
  • EMnet only sends the raw data elements and constructs the forms on the receiving end. This greatly reduces message size and greatly reduces network throughput.

Accident Reporting System Form

Incident Status Report Form

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