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Rapidcom Communications Platform

Rapidcom is a rapidly deployable communications platform specifically engineered to deliver mission-critical communications immediately after a disaster strikes. The system’s lightweight and modular design provides the mobility needed to deploy in hard to reach theatres via a wide range of transport methods. Tow it in. Truck it in. Fly it in. Rapidcom will supply the comms you need in almost any environment.


  • Easily transport with small vehicles – ATVs, golf carts, snow machines, etc.
  • Total weight is well below tow limits for SUVs, trucks, and some cars (standard equipment <1,100 lbs.).
  • Low storage height – fits under a standard 8’ overhead door with tower (tower can be quickly removed for storage units less than 7’).
  • Enclosure can be quickly moved from trailer to pickup bed or AWD military vehicle for faster access to affected areas via rough roads, trails, and difficult terrain.
  • Trailer and tower can be removed for aircraft transport over long distances.
  • Entire unit can be airlifted by most military helicopters.
  • Deployable by a single person and fully operational in 5-15 minutes (varies based on equipment).
  • Most configurations do not require technical expertise for setup.
  • Onboard systems can be remotely monitored and controlled via IP.
  • Flexible platform supports a wider range of missions for less.
  • One-stop-shop for technical support and maintenance – We own and operate multiple satellite teleports and VoIP hosting facilities and provide end to end technical support for all equipment and service we provide.
  • All systems include full access to our nationwide Emergency Management Network (EMnet) for no additional cost (does not apply to customers with expired satellite service plans).

Equipment Information


  • All aluminum construction with a rugged powder coat finish.
  • Large equipment bay with two 23U racks and ample room for storage of additional equipment.
  • Large front and rear access doors.
  • Electrical load center for selection of generator or shore power.
  • LED equipment bay lighting.
  • Environmental system with thermostatically controller heater and cooling fans.
  • Optional air conditioning and propane heating are available.
  • Load hooks on all corners for transport and tie-down.
  • Locking latches on all doors and access points.
  • Outdoor patch panel with customer-specific connections – power, internet, telephone, radio antennas, WiFi, etc.
  • Generator bay with plenum cooling system.
  • Custom graphics package.

Power Systems

  • UPS power system provides up to 1 hour of backup power for fueling, maintenance, and rapid deployment.
  • Standard fuel bay configuration provides 72+ hours of continuous generation operation.
  • Tri-Fuel Generator Option.
    • Dual generators.
    • Supported fuel types – gasoline, propane, natural gas.
  • Diesel Generator Option.
    • Cummins Onan generator.
    • Electric start with sealed battery (automatically charges via generator or shore power).
    • Supported fuel type – Diesel.
  • Rackmount DC power supply for radios and other DC electronics.


  • All-Aluminum – lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant.
  • LED DOT lights – no maintenance, long life.
  • Rear trailer hitch receiver (2” x 2” Class III Type) for piggyback towing or additional storage.
  • Dual axle design with torsion suspension for easy towing, self-leveling, and redundancy.
  • Quick-release system for easy loading and unloading of the equipment enclosure.
  • Leveling jacks for stability when deployed.
  • Optional auto leveling jacks and outriggers are available.

Communications Tower

  • 35’ Aluminum communications tower.
  • T base and custom mount.
  • Worm gear winch for easy manual deployment.
  • Electric deployment options available.
  • Includes antenna mounting brackets and hardware.
  • Pneumatic mast tower option available (includes air compressor system).

Satellite Antenna System

  • AVL AAQ Auto-Deploy Ku Band Satellite System.
  • 1.2 Meter Prime Focus Offset Antenna.
  • 6 Watt BUC & LNB.
  • Rackmount antenna controller.

Satellite System

  • iDirect X-5/X-7 Satellite Modem.
  • Automatic end-to-end uplink power control and beam switching.
  • Comlabs’ VSAT bandwidth and VoIP hosting services.

Data, WiFi, and VoIP Systems

  • VoIP Phones
  • Cellular data support (LTE where available).
  • 24 port switch with POE support.
  • WiFi access points with dual-band wireless mesh support.

Custom Equipment Options

  • ACU 1000/2000 communications gateway system – Interface cards and connection cables included.
  • Mobile radios – UHF, VHF, 700/800 MHz, HF, CB, Aircraft, Amateur, Etc.
  • Portable radios and charging stations.
  • Radio repeaters.
  • AM/FM radio transmitters.
  • Cellular telephone backhaul.
  • VPN/Encryption appliances.
  • Military radios.
  • Video and IR surveillance systems.
  • Weather stations.
  • Spotlights and/or scene lights.
  • Rackmount server, LCD monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

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