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EMnet Station Monitor

EMnet Architecture

With thousands of customers and millions of citizens relying on EMnet each day for life-saving information each day, failure is not an option. We realize that the success of a client’s mission depends on the efficiency, reliability, and security of our network, so we have made every effort to ensure that EMnet is ready when our customers need it. Year after year, EMnet continues to deliver best in class performance.

EMnet Benefits/Features

  • Multiple data centers and server clusters – Primary, Alternate, Geographic Backup, and Standby
  • Two satellites (AMC 1 & AMC 21) that carry the EMnet data stream
  • Fully redundant uplink facilities physically separated by more than 1,250 miles
  • 24/7 365 monitoring of all network infrastructure
  • Next-generation iDirect Evolution satellite technology
  • Hybrid network design utilizes multiple communication paths (internet and satellite) to eliminate single points of failure
  • EMnet application monitors all network connections and automatically adapts based on the availability and performance of each connection

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