Station Monitor

The EMnet Station Monitor provides a powerful set of tools designed to help system administrators manage their networks more efficiently and effectively. With just a few clicks, administrators can:

  • View the current status of any EMnet site in their network
  • Automatically calculate the uptime of any EMnet site, group of sites, or an entire network
  • Analyze historical based on date, time, and/or period
  • Build custom groups for specialized reporting or fast access to critical site information
  • Remotely monitor the network and apply flexible rules that automatically notify users/administrators if failures are detected
  • Setup site-specific notifications based for satellite failure, network failure, system failure, or percentage offline for a specified duration
  • Setup system-wide or group notification rules based on percentages offline and average readiness for a specified duration
  • Use notification rules to run third-party applications, send notifications (email, text, etc.), and activate local alarms when they are triggered or cleared

Station Monitoring Screen

Alarm Trigger Screen

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