EMnet Messaging is specifically designed to provide operators with the tools they need to communicate before, during, and after an event. Thousands of routine and emergency messages are sent on EMnet each day, and many of these messages are also passed to customer’s third party systems. EMnet can be connected to multiple communication platforms to reduce operator workload and simplify workflows. From a single window, operators can choose from a wide range of destinations including any EMnet site or group of sites, email, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, enterprise/government messaging systems, and any CAP compliant alert or notification system.


  • Send messages across multiple disparate communication platforms from one simplified user interface
  • Supports point to point messaging, group messaging, and multisystem messaging
  • Supports rich text formatting and attachments like office documents, reports, pictures, maps, and videos
  • Frequently used messages can be saved as draft messages/templates for easy access
  • Multiple message priorities ensure that the most critical information is always transmitted and processed first by EMnet and downstream systems
  • Assured message delivery allows operators to track the status of any EMnet message and view the status of recipients (online/offline), time received, and time acknowledged

Message Composition Screen

Specify Destination Address Screen

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