EMnet is the nation’s leading EAS origination software. More than 650 Federal, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Governments currently use EMnet to construct and distribute CAP/EAS alerts. The simplicity of the user interfaces, advanced features, and unparalleled reach of EMnet’s distribution network makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to modernize and expand their alert and warning capabilities.


  • Alerting Standards – utilizes the latest standards (CAP v1.2, IPAWS Profile v1.0, EDXL DE)
  • Testing and Certification – CAP Compliant, FCC Certified, IPAWS Origination Service Provider
  • Supports Geo-Targeted alerts in multiple languages
  • Built-in audio interface for recording of live audio
  • Add supporting information to any alert – audio, pictures, PDFs, maps, etc.
  • Directly interface with a wide range of third party alerting systems and distribution networks
  • Automatically send alerts to IPAWS (CMAS, NOAA HazCollect, etc.) – Valid COG is required   
  • Automatically send alerts to HD Radio Emergency Alerts
  • All-Hazards Alert and Warning – monitor and automatically filter alerts from multiple sources including EMnet, NOAA/NWS, IPAWS, and third party systems

EMnet EAS Message Flow

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