ComLabs' 4-Wire Terminals


4-Wire Terminals

Model 204 NAWAS MCU (Multipoint Control Unit)

ComLabs' Model 204 NAWAS MCU (Multipoint Control Unit)
The Model 204 is a modified MCU terminal that has been designed and configured for NAWAS operation.




Model 207 NAWAS Alert Terminal

ComLabs' Model 207 NAWAS Alert Terminal
The Model 207 adds an audible and visual alert feature to our Model 211 Basic Terminal. This alerting feature is activated by a Control Unit on the circuit.



Model 211 Basic

ComLabs' Model 211 BasicThe Model 211 is best suited for "hoot and holler" type arrangements where users listen to traffic on the circuit over the built-in or accessory speaker, and pick up the handset when they wish to speak to others on the circuit. No backroom equipment is required to create the circuit.



Model 320 MCU3 (Multipoint Control Unit)

ComLabs' Model 320 MCU3 (Multipoint Control Unit)The MCU3 operates much like a typical telephone. It features a full keypad and provides individual, group, and all call voice capabilities. Two, three, and four digit station addressing DTMF and SS4 signaling are supported. Advanced features include the ability to connect to a telephone recorder interface, or activate a relay during an ALERT condition.