System Design & Consulting Services

Over the past twenty eight years, Comlabs has developed an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements and challenges specific to our public and private sector clients. During this time, the company has successfully completed thousands of small and large scale communications projects. From custom interfaces to nationwide networks, Comlabs continues to deliver comprehensive communication solutions with best in class features and performance.


Core Competencies

Hardware development

  • Capability from concept through delivery


Software development

  • Both Windows and Unix
  • Mission Critical Server Applications


Network Development

  • Redundant Transport
  • Desktop and Mobile Applications
  • Network Security and Compliance
  • Encryption and VPNs
  • Networking Design, Setup, and Installation


Analog and Digital Voice Systems

Manufacturing and Deployment

  • Satellite & Communications Systems
  • VSAT Equipment and Bandwidth Provider
  • VoIP Technologies
  • Digital Communications over Satellite


Installation and Logistics Department

  • Equipment install and setup
  • Training and support services